About Us

Best Quality and Best Price



To give people the means to see the world through style. We get great joy in designing quality handmade jewelry pieces of unique style, and yet, jewelry and style is just the tangible expression of something much greater that we are creating. We have a vision that through the pieces we create, our history, passion and culture will spread and be touched by the world. Inspire the loyalty of Zuly's from CapeScarf clients by being the most trusted jeweler in our markets; be an authority in each area of our business; act responsibly and ethically.



Our business philosphy is simple: We belive every client is and should be treated as the most important person in the world. We belive that we should treat everyone with respect and honesty, provide everyone with the best quality for their money, and always do what is right for the client. We will always be personally responsible for our own actions as well as the companys' actions.



Practicality – Advocating a pragmatic and realistic way of doing business
Innovation – Continuous learning and strive for change as well as innovations
Integration – Build a harmonious corporation both internally and externally
Excellence – Demonstrate full commitment, quest for excellence and continuous improvement, endeavor to be the best.



People Focus – The basic attitude of the group towards its employees
Value for Harmony - Harmonious internal and external environment is the basic conditions for the success of the Group
Focus on Results – Refers to both efficiency and effectiveness